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The work on this new web site is underway. Initially, I created a site for my upcoming trilogy, The God's Bracelet, with the idea to use it as the landing page for all of my readers. But as soon as I started working on another book, unrelated to the series, and yet on another, it became clear that there is a need for a central, author's site and a webring of book/series sites.

Here is what is in the pipeline:

Evil, 100% is a post-apocalyptic, action drama. Its evens occur after a war that had crippled most of the survivors. One, no matter how strong, cannot take the world on. But can two?

The Things I Love and Hate is a spy thriller about someone, who is driven by the feelings that are totally foreign to him, to a degree where he must fight his own mind.

Come back soon!

Yours truly,

Noel Wellington

What else? I offer the following services, on a contract basis:

  • Express English<->Russian translation of prose and poetry.
  • Smashwords and Amazon Kindle publishing and consulting.
  • Document typestting, from LaTeX to PDF.
  • Web, application, and database hosting, design, and administration.

For any of the above services, you can emai noel dot wellington at this domain.

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